Costruire competenze e strategie di attivazione dei cittadini
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Time for reflection

We invite you to reflect and think about the following topics: economic equality and inclusivity, social cohesion, and trust.

Think of populist movements that, under the pretext of defending and protecting the supposedly threatened national identity, can stir up feelings of social exclusion and erosion of citizenship in order to appeal to the masses.


We would like to present the scenario brought forward by the movie Elysium, starring actor Matt Damon. In this post-apocalyptic society, the rich are separated from the poor in terms of citizenship. The poor are citizens of the Earth and the rich are citizens of a colony orbiting the Earth. Citizenship is used in this case, as a way to reflect and separate two classes of people where the rich live long and healthy lives and the poor die young. The poor are denied health care and basic human living conditions based on this. Even though it is a fictional plot, it brings forward a comparative scenario of the way populist movements are trying to portray and neglect several segments of society.  Reflect on these ideas, and how citizenship can prove to be a powerful tool in creating a fair and democratic society.

Analyze the significance of citizenship as a powerful tool in shaping a fair and democratic society. How do populist movements exploit these topics and why is it essential to discuss and debate these issues in our society? Provide real-life examples to support your argument.

If you want to, you can share your thoughts and exchange with others in the “Comments”-section of this chapter.

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