chat Gpt: a risk or an asset for European values

Imagine a programmed application developing instantly an infinite quantity of articles releasing false information or a software which manipulates photos and videos – all these things already exist…

Exploring Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Populism

Over the last years, “Artificial Intelligence” plays a more and more important role. What is the secret connection between A.I and populism nowadays? Can A.I be used as a tool for populist movements?

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The impact of the Russia–Ukraine War on right-wing populism in Europe

24 February 2022, the day Russia invaded Ukraine, sparked the worst conflict in Europe since World War II. In Ukraine, tens of thousands people have been killed, countless buildings and the Ukrainian infrastructure have been destroyed, and live of millions of people has been turned upside down.
For other countries, the war also has brought fears and uncertainties in terms of the security situation, but also economic aspects. The war disrupted global trade that was still recovering from the pandemic. Prices for food, gas, oil and many other products have increased dramatically which has a noticeable impact on peoples live all around the world…

The “main loser”

Travelling through a divided country

It was December 30th, 2022, two days before the inauguration of the re-elected President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva. I was curious to find out what people were expecting… Read more from Magdalenas travel through Brazil.

a podcast a day keeps the populist away

To fully understand populism, it is important to learn about history, and the mechanisms which lead to a certain thing to happen, certain leaders to be in charge… Why not try to listen to marvellous podcasts on history?

The evolution of populist movements in Europe

The word populism is increasingly present in the public sphere and in the political context, due to the broad and rapid increase of this phenomenon in personal and collective discourses and expressions.

fake news as a social phenomenon

Undoubtedly, globalisation and democratisation have played an important role in promoting it. We cannot fail to bear in mind that fake news is a social phenomenon.

Fighting fake news

Sophie In´t Veld, Member of the European Parliament talks in an interview with We-Europeans team Poland about fake news, trust and the responsibility of politicians.

What is populism?

“There is no unified definition of populism but there are commonalities.”, says Martin Mejstřík about populism at the We-Europeans Online Event on 9 November 2022.

Populist vote share the past 12 years

Populism in Europe

Populism has been growing strongly throughout Europe for years. Populist parties are clearly represented in parliaments in almost all European countries and their vote share is increasing. It is undeniable that many people feel represented by populist theses and movements.

Populists are gaining in importance due to a growing dissatisfaction and disaffection with politics among citizens. This is caused e.g. by developments related to globalisation and rapid technological change that are difficult to understand and affect personal lives. Another cause is a multitude of crises since 2001 and especially the past decade like the European debt crisis, the refugee crisis, BREXIT or Covid-19. Political decisions affect people more directly than ever before, but are often not understood, are considered over-bureaucratic and distant from life…

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