The EU and its achievements

25 March 1957 can be seen as the birthday of European Union. France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and (in these days) West Germany agreed in the Treaty of Rome to a customs union. With this they started creating a single market for goods, labour, services and capital across all member states. Today, the EU is a community of 28 member states who cooperate on important aspects not only for the economy, but also for many other areas.

Do you remember the times when you sometimes stood for hours at the border to a neighbouring country, when you first had to calculate what something cost in your currency, when getting sick on holiday could quickly become very expensive and a simple phone call cost a fortune?

Let’s take a look at a few of the EU’s achievements that have changed our lives and which are quite normal for us today:

Free movement of persons and Europeans citizenship rights
Economic cooperation and growth
Environmental protection and sustainability
Financial advantages for EU citizens
Promoting diversity and inclusion at the workplace
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