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We are Europeans – what does this mean and why should we actively stand up for Europe and European values. Since 1957, the European Union has achieved great things:

  • After a long history of conflicts and wars, we live on a peaceful continent.
  • Freedom for its citizens to live, study or work anywhere in the EU
  • The world’s biggest single market. In this way, we can promote growth, competitiveness and jobs.
  • Aid and development assistance for millions of people worldwide

Read more at the website of the European Union and check out the following contents:

Many of the challenges we face – be it climate change, migration, terrorism or pandemics – can only be tackled effectively through cross-border cooperation. Europe offers a platform for finding joint solutions to these global challenges.

So there are several compelling reasons to stand up for Europe and oppose populism. Check out:

  • Argumentation aids for dealing with populist rhetoric: When should you intervene and when is it not worth it, tips on communication and rhetoric as well as scenarios for practising.
  • We are Europeans: Interviews with people from different countries about their views on Europe and what makes them being European.
  • Commitment: Examples of organisations and initiatives that are socially, culturally, environmentally or politically active as inspiration and opportunities to become active yourself.
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