Stay strong and resilient against populism: Developing a new positive narrative
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This module focuses on aiding you to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to recognise, resist and counter the dangers of populism to democracy through the development of a new positive narrative. Specifically, this module is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of populism and its negative effects on society.  Additionally, participants will develop strategies on identifying credible sources of information and differentiate them from unreliable sources.  Through this module, you will develop effective strategies for resisting populist rhetoric and actions, and identify strategies for developing a new positive narrative to counter populism through the embracement of the EU community mindset. This module firstly provides an overview of the ways in which populism can pose a threat to democracy, followed by collective approaches which can defend Europe’s democracies against populism.  Secondly, strategies for countering populism based on community building, communication and knowledge are discussed, followed by strategies for effectively resisting populist rhetoric and actions.  Lastly, this module focuses on the development of a new positive narrative that can help counteract the appeal of populism and strengthen the EU’s democratic resilience.

About this module
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