Let’s talk about populism and extremism
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Populism is a complex phenomenon that characterizes everyday life. In any situation (school, work, office, etc.) you can get in touch with populist speeches. If you do not recognize it, you risk giving credibility to information and data that could be distorted and manipulative. Knowing the phenomenon well, acquiring the necessary skills to deal with it and to stem it, means contributing to the defence of European democratic values, making clear the difference between healthy political competition and manipulation, between freedom of opinion and the dissemination of false and tendentious news. A similar discourse must also be made for extremist ideologies, which despite some differences with populism, tend to assume similar characteristics with similar objectives, albeit on the basis of more precise political ideas. The module, therefore, has tried to provide an overview of knowledge and tools, in order to allow everyone to have the tools to build together a healthier and more conscious society, from a democratic and political point of view.

Listen to PhDr. Martin Mejstřík contribution about the definition of populism and why populism is growing in Europe.

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