Let’s talk about populism and extremism
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The module aims to offer all participants the tools and skills to learn about populism and face it in everyday life. In any discourse, in fact, a populist characteristic may be present, which could distort the information that is given to one’s interlocutor or otherwise manipulate it to one’s advantage. Understanding how to extricate oneself in such situations will allow people to have greater autonomy of thought and to deconstruct dogmas and certainties that too often are considered as truthful.

Our module offers a ready-to-use backpack  to have a nuanced understanding of populism and extremism, enabling readers to critically analyse their manifestations, assess their implications, and explore potential strategies for addressing their challenges.

The module explores the repercussions on democratic institutions, civil society, and social cohesion, critically assessing the challenges posed and identifying potential responses. Additionally, it examines the role of media, technology, and globalisation in shaping the rise and spread of populism and extremism, highlighting the interconnected nature of these phenomena in the contemporary world. This module is designed for people who are interested in defending democratic values, advocating for social cohesion, and countering the divisive forces of populism and extremism, and develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to actively combat the spread of populist discourses and protect the rich tapestry of European values.

About this module
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