Taking a public stance against populism and populist slogans
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Try to counter the content of an argument with sloganeers of populist theories. As the arguments of right-wing populists are often similar, you can actually practice.

Example:  “The money goes to the refugees, and ‘our’ homeless get nothing.”

Possible argumentation: The two topics are not related, an apparent connection is only propagated by right-wing populists again and again. The budgets from which refugee aid is financed in this country are in no way taken from the pots for the homeless or the unemployed.

As evidence, you can cite that homelessness or insufficient pay for job seekers are not problems that have existed since increased immigration. Of course, you care about the welfare of homeless people as well. It’s just that the connection is completely out of the air. Right-wing populists more often conflate things that don’t belong together. If you recognize this pattern of argumentation, it is easier to refute it.

Example: “There are so many Muslims in XXX, it’s dangerous for our culture.”

Possible argumentation: Here, the first question is again to ask what is worrying about this. The answer could be, “Our (xxx) culture is being lost…. .” To this you can reply: 

  • Our country has changed so much over time, culture is always changing. Ask them if they don’t agree and remind them of what the country looked like 50, 100, 250 years ago.
  • Our country  is home to different people who have different hobbies, habits and religions. This diversity has always been part of our culture. Moreover, religion is only one characteristic of many that make up people.
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