Building citizen skills and activation strategies
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This module explores the interplay between citizenship, democracy, and populism. Citizenship, democracy, and populism are complex and interrelated concepts that shape modern societies and politics in various significant ways. As these concepts cannot be addressed separately, as well as other key concepts, this module will start with a brief introduction to the main topics you will need to master to be able to fully immerse in this course.

We will then examine how citizenship shapes and sustains the dynamics of democracy and society, including the right to vote, political participation, and its role in the formation of a political and civic identity. Furthermore, we’ll navigate the impact of populism on the sense of citizenship, by challenging or redefining notions of national and supranational citizenship and influencing political discourse and policies. Additionally, we will briefly look into the recent rise of populism and its effects on the modern democratic processes and institutions, including issues of representation, diversity, participation, and governance.

By delving into the intricate relationship between citizenship, democracy, and populism, this module aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and challenges that arise in contemporary politics and society. Through critical analysis and exploration of relevant theories, empirical examples, and current issues, we hope to shed light on the complexities and nuances of this important and timely topic.

About this module
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