Event 27.05.2024

Democratic values in school education

The role of schools in increasing democratic values will be discussed in the online event on 27 May 2027. How can educators in different educational levels support the acquisition of skills required to support democratic values and reject populist attitudes that divide society, how to deal with populist learners or colleagues… let´s exchange.

In this event, we’ll delve into:
✅ Strategies for fostering critical thinking skills
✅ Encouraging active participation in the democratic process
✅ Managing tense situations in lively debates
✅ Successful collaboration between schools, families, and communities

Whether you’re an educator, parent, or community member, this event offers valuable insights and practical strategies to promote positive civic engagement! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shape the future of democratic citizenship education!

All forms of participation are free of charge and underlie high data protection standards. For this reason, registration is required for participation.

Event 27.05.2024
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