Active citizenship in Europe

Explore the map and discover important European experiences of active citizenship in social, environmental, cultural and political fields!

Learn about European citizenship…

By clicking on the different examples for active citizenship initatives and projects, you learn more about concrete examples of how people are actively involved in a wide range of areas and thus also actively stand up for European values. We hope that these examples will inspire you to get active yourself and/or to collaborate with the organisations mentioned. You can get in contact to learn more and start an exchange. The map invites to collaborations aimed at strengthening actions for the affirmation of European values.

and strengthen fundamental European values

All our examples apply European values and contribute to the growth of the democratic project in our continent. The map will be constantly updated with new European realities of active and democratic citizenship. So please feel free to make proposals or good practice examples in your region to support a more democratic Europe based on human rights. Happy exploration!

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