The participation in all seminars is free of charge but requires registration.

9 November 2022 (4 – 6 pm CET): Back to the future? Countering current populism with lessons learnt from the past
The International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism is a good opportunity to address the rise of populism, which is also expressed in the recent elections in Europe. Experts will inform about populism in Europe, about measures to counteract it and will be available for an exchange on the topic.

4 May 2023 (2 hours): Media in an age of populism and popularisation
The Rise of Populism is direclty connected with damages to journalism. The dramatic rise of fake news, populist campaigns against the media, how media can contribute to fact-based discourses but also the role of social media will be topic at our seminar in relation to the World Press Freedom Day.

4 October 2023 (2 hours): Building democratic values at schools
The role of schools in increasing democratic values will be discussed around the world teachers day. How can educators in different educational levels support the acquisition of skills required to support democratic values and reject populist attitudes that divide society, how to deal with populist learners or colleagues… let´s exchange.

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